Sep 11, 2012


A very active member in Walthamstow's large and growing twitter community, Fabien Ho explores and brings an intimate identity to the funky avatars and amusing usernames of the individuals that live in #awesomestow. 

Fabien has gone about photographing them with their most cherished, prized possessions and provides the story for each one. The photographs themselves are so refined and expressive, you really feel the pride, enjoyment and heavy meanings that these objects have to the individual. It is a fascinating prospect, because everyone wants to jump on a platform to give a distinctive and important slice of their identity.

Whether it is a recipe or a car, he has captured that objects importance to the individual for everyone to see and by the end of the exhibition you are just dying to write down your most prized possession and stick  it on his notice board. Make sure to visit on the weekend and also enjoy a stroll round the marshes!

#ProjectCherished is no.32 on the map

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