Sep 12, 2012

Heavy Metal

Here are a few of my favourite things ... starting with Venue 130

As usual I loved Stevey Scullion's sculptural installation, this time occupying a special little venue of its own next to his house. There is so much beauty in the contemplation of materials for their own sake and Stevey's sculptural examinations of gold, silver, bronze, lead and clay have a quiet yet urgent clarity. The sculptures are poetically accompanied by explanations of the physical and cultural properties of each material with quotes from people as diverse as Shakespeare, Levi and Lorca. As a consequence there is an environmental completeness to this exhibition which allows for a rather meditative and sublime experience.  Not quite what one expects from a white painted breeze block shed!

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Nik Bukharin said...

I need to check Stevee out. He is great metal head obviously