Sep 1, 2012

Saturday 1st of Sept. LAUNCH DAY

The Art Trail is here! The launch is day is packed full of events to fit around your exhibition runs. Over your morning coffee plan a well timed day to see all those one off events and squeeze in a few exhibitions too!
To help you plan you can use mine, I will be buzzing around the art trail starting at around 10ish seeing these exhibitions in this order:

Waltham Forest College Student Art Exhibition (no.104)
This exhibition of from all the Art and Design students at the college is only open for today, so really try and make you way to see it.
Ringing for All (no.70)
Art Grows on Trees (no.76)
Present Tense & My Favourite Book (no.67)
Really Amazing Women (no.64)
The Present (no. 28)
All exhibitions at Walthamstow Central Library (no.74)
There will be 4 exhibitions to be seen here as well as Sarah Ezekiel's 'Life Of Brain' which will be moving to Arts & Crusts Fox Office from the 2nd. I will be staying to see Sarah's talk about her work and the technology that has helped make it happen at 2:30pm.
All exhibitions at Vestry House Museum (no.123)
Sculpture, installations, portraits and photographs - there are 5 very diverse exhibitions going on at Vestry House. Today, there is also a performance of 'live art' in 'Floraphilia'. 

And after a day of running about scribling and processing I will be heading over to Inky Cuttlefish to see all the artistic treats on offer there and celebrate their 5th Birthday! Everyone is invited, and should be real swell. It starts at 7 til late...

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