May 30, 2014

Kid's Kitchen Family Feast for under 5s

It’s a week to go until our Appetite event and we’re now wondering what on earth got in to us.  A joint effort creating a three course meal, with a room full of people, half of whom are under 5.   Why?!

We’ve been doing low-key kids sessions for a couple of years, we love it and so do the kids AND the adults.  They think it’s fun, we all learn loads without really meaning to and we get to eat great food at the end.  We like the idea of making it work for a wider audience who are around at weekends so we came up with Family Feast.

So we’ll be playing Chef, and Restaurant – we’ll transform our space into the backstage of a Gordon Ramsay kitchen (minus the swears) and when we’re done cooking, we’ll serve ourselves a swanky meal to rival any gastro pub!  There’s something really special about doing it with younger kids – everyone gets really excited about just how much they can achieve and the fun that ensues – but we’d love for older kids and adult ‘accomplices’ to come along too.  The more the merrier!

Walthamstow feels like a great place for ‘foodie’ stuff right now – with loads of our produce having been grown in the borough (LINK  and inspiration from some great local chef-types – the toddlers who we hang out with now have a great creative food future don’t you think?!

See you in the Kitchen!

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