May 28, 2014

New Walthamstow inhabitants, Made by Ore, on their jewellery workshop and how you can have a go

 Could you tell us about the work you will be showing during this year's E17 Art Trail?
We recently moved to Walthamstow and  are running a ‘make a silver ring’ workshop. In this workshop students will make a silver ring from scratch which they can wear home! They will learn to solder silver and hammer texture or letters to personalise their ring.

If you've ever fancied trying your hand at jewellery making, this class could be the perfect workshop for you. You will be expertly guided through making a silver ring and all the traditional silversmithing techniques you will need.  Along the way you will learn how to cut, shape and file silver, to create your very own silver ring.  You will even learn how to size your ring for the perfect fit!  We are sure that at the end of the class not only will you be leaving with a beautiful silver ring, but a huge sense of achievement and a hunger to learn more!

How have you been preparing for this year's trail? 
We have been contacting local business with whom to collaborate with such as Blackhorse workshop and Blackhorse lane studios to create a weekend of events for the Blackhorse Trek.

How does inhabiting a community like Walthamstow help your practice?  
Walthamstow is proud of its close knit community where the word of mouth is powerful.This is great for a small business recently moved to the area to quickly get an audience.

What are you most looking forward to during the E17 Art Trail this year? 
Meeting new people and sharing our love of making jewellery.

To book a place on the 'Make a Silver Ring' workshopplease visit

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