May 21, 2014

The World In Walthamstow

The World in Walthamstow is a celebration of E17 diversity and is collecting photographs from across the borough. Each photo will contain someone Canon Steven Saxby has met here from one of 205 nationalities. With 125 so far, missing nations can be found at

The hope is to find people to represent as many as possible of each of the 204 nations forming part of the World in London series and to exhibit the photographs during the E17 Art Trail.

Contact to join in. All welcome to view the photos at St Barnabas Church, E17 8JZ during the Art Trail.

Algeria - Waled and Me

Australia - Tony

Barbados - Elaine and me

Brazil - Aline and me

Bulgaria - Sabina

Ghana - Samuel (left)

Japan - Mariko

Solomon Islands - Oliver
United Arab Emirates - Ronny

United Kingdom - Me and Stella

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