May 20, 2014

To all involved artists and event organisers...

To give a preview of what will be happening during the E17 Art Trail we like to get the blog going before the preview night with artist/ participant interviews. These will allow an insight into your work or event, build enthusiasm beforehand and help ensure a great turnout. 

Please see the questions below and send your answers to with the subject "Blog Interview Answers". Feel free to leave any out that you would prefer not to answer. 

Many thanks. I look forward to reading them. 

Could you tell us about the work you will be showing during this year's E17 Art Trail?

How have you been preparing for this year's trail? 

Could you tell us about an an artist/ artwork that  particularly inspires you? 

How does inhabiting a community like Walthamstow help your practice?  

Do you have a personal highlight from the past 9 years of the E17 Art Trail? 
What are you most looking forward to during the E17 Art Trail this year ? 

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