Jun 9, 2014

The Pineapple Queen of E17 invites us in...

Oh my! The man from Del Monte would indeed be impressed. As soon as I entered 20 Elmsdale Road my eyes widened and began to dart around frantically, searching for something within vision not pineapple related; but bar the carpet, there is none. The very welcoming Mel Watson, dressed in a pineapple skirt, wearing a pineapple brooch and earrings offers me a piƱa colada. Whilst sipping on the rather strong, but delicious cocktail Mel tells me about her collection. She has been building it up over the past 25 years, the first piece was a pineapple ice bucket (very similar to the one she donated for the tombola earlier in the Trail). She tells me about some of the pieces she has, including Mexican folk art and some mini-(actual) pineapples she has managed to source from the market. Open again next weekend, swing by to be amazed. 

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