Jun 9, 2014

Walthamstow District Photographic Society at Walthamstow Library

Walthamstow District Photographic Society meet every Monday on Greenleaf Road and welcome anyone to join. They hold exhibitions throughout the year and for the Art Trail have taken over the main corridor of Walthamstow Library.

There are a range of genres on show here. Caroline Preece is showing two images in the series 'Taking A Break', which capture people in those moments where they don't think anyone is looking - simply passing the time. In one, a little boy sits down by the adults' feet looking a little fed up, but keeping himself entertained by playing idly with a paper dragon. John Cross' photographs depict traditional English folk figures including a saxophonist and a Morris dancer. Showing the variety of the club, there are also some interesting abstract works from Matt Russell.

Waiting for the Parade - Caroline Preece

Morris Dancer - John Cross

Fractal Cauliflower - Matt Russell

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