Jul 19, 2014

Eat the Art Trail Post: Top 10 things I shall look forward to returning to Walthamstow for…

1. Cakes galore! From Norman Loves, Arts and Crusts, Aura Rosa, Cake of Dreams, Beulah Road Market and so many more!

2. Make new friends and new flavour sensations at Cocomero supper club – Silvana has also started selling treats at the Beulah Road Market, speaking of which…

3. Track down Bestowed Kitchen in Beulah Market to get my hands on some of their treats.

4. Chomp into a cheesy toasted sandwich and cinnamon bun courtesy of Bygga Bo.

5. That dim sum class I didn’t quite get around to with E17 Pop Up.

6. Capture some squiggling- wriggling kiddies to inspire with recipes with Kids’ Kitchen.

7. Inspired by the talks from Silvana Gambini and Deborah Nash, visit the galleries of the Vestry House Museum and William Morris Gallery. Seeing just where Walthamstow gets their creative edge from. 

8. Those other recommended food meccas… Pepe’s Pizza for one!

9. Introduce others to Walthamstow Wine and Wild Card Brewery to name a few.

10. Of course, any upcoming Artillery, Appetite or E17 Art Trail events!
… starting with the Walthamstow Garden Party and Summer Appetite Festival. More details here:

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