Jul 19, 2014

Eat the Art Trail Post: It’s all go go go in wondrous Walthamstow! It's back!

The sun has been beaming, the ice lollies dripping and parks filled with the cheerful sounds of Londoners enjoying the summer while it lasts. The E17 Trail might be over for 2014, but the artistic and foodie activity of Walthamstow continues….

If, like me, you found there were just too many wonderful venues, cakes and artworks to get around in time during the trail... the good news is that Appetite is back for a two day summer extravaganza as part of Walthamstow Garden Party! Yay!

I’m delighted to be returning to let you know all about its fun and frolics! The two day free festival produced by the Barbican and Create is one week away. Lloyd Park will host the mini art and food fiesta on 26th and 27th July and it would be great if you can join us, fingers crossed the weather holds on! http://www.appetitefestival.co.uk/walthamstow-garden-party/ Keep up to date here: https://www.facebook.com/AppetiteInfo and https://twitter.com/AppetiteInfo.

Meanwhile, to whet your appetite, here’s a look back at some extra highlights of the E17 Art Trail 2014 and a couple of artist’s reflections:

Aura Rosa cakes
Forming a great trio between Walthamstow Wine and Penny Fielding’s shop; Aura Rosa brings up the food side to the party. At Auntie Maureen’s Mens-a-Fair I was able to spy them once again. 

An ingenious idea for those of us who have gorged too much, was a portable take home cake in a black treacle tin. The consideration for customer convenience was much appreciated. It was a very rich and indulgent treat to tuck into once at home and the treacle flavour definitely permeated through either from the recipe or my imagination.

Mix and Match monsters – hungry little blighters

Dinosaur and creature cuddles was an exhibit created by talented mum Hester de Graag (http://www.hesterdegraag.com/). Quirky characters who are made out of recycled fabrics. One pterodactyl was made out of a very nice woollen suit that had been donated (not the animal print one below in this case!). 
The little touches really made it, even down to button holes for the dinosaurs’ nostrils! Her children are her inspiration and the idea of a soft lego-type mix and match system arose. It culminated in the expressive creatures which zip together in different formations.

Man of Stone - food serving platters
Tim Smith (www.timsmithstonemasonry.com), stonemason, opened his beautiful home to showcase an array of impressive stone and marbleware. There were pizza/bread stones, slate coasters and placemats, marble chopping boards, stone and slate cheese boards, all to provide fancy presentation for your party bites. He even provided some cakes, breads and biscuits which he baked on his own stones.
There was a ‘have a go at stone masonry challenge’… so I took him up on it!

Bestowed Kitchen Highlights from E17 Art Trail 2014

 1. Your highlight of the E17 Art trail 2014?

“We didn't get to see much of the actual Art [Trail] as we were too busy working on our various food events (as well as a few days holiday in the middle). We did see the mixed race exhibition at Bygga Bo which we really enjoyed.

From our point of view highlights were all the great feedback we got about the lunch boxes and about the canapés we did for the closing party. A customer ordered a set of lunch boxes to take around with his family as part of a day of activities for his Mum and then the concentrically visited Beulah Road Market and were glowing about the lunch boxes, particularly our handmade strawberry pastilles with basil sugar! The reaction to our savoury goats cheesecake (with red onion chutney) canapé was a highlight too. People loved it!”
The much acclaimed strawberry pastilles, photo courtesy of Jeremy Wood.
2. Your yummiest experience?

“Didn't get to try any other of the food events on the Trail unfortunately but had a great chicken burger at Eat17 during the trail and we sat opposite the installation there!” 

3. One thing you'd like the readers to know...
“As we're new we have lots of plans for the rest of the year some of which aren't confirmed yet so people will have to keep an eye on our social media accounts (or sign up to our mailing list!). We continue to be at Beulah Road market most Saturdays, as well as other events across the summer including the Village Festival. A website will be coming soon too!”

Deborah Nash Highlights from E17 Art Trail 2014

“Eat the Trail was a chance to try out new ideas. Approaching artworks through the angle of food for my talk at The Mill led to a surprising range of artists who use what we eat and the dinner plates, tureens, cups and saucers of the dining room table to make political and social commentary. My housemates baked two cakes they'd never made before: Cake after Mondrian; Cake after Pollock. We all got something out of it!”
Talented housemate bakery Gwen, photos courtesy of Deborah Nash

To experience more similar fun, be sure to check out the Walthamstow Garden Party with Appetite!

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