May 30, 2015

Art Trail Artists Reception

An uplifting and entertaining evening was started with a wheen of readings from the redoubtable Forest Poets. Laura Kerry gave an emotive and heartfelt speech as main organiser of the Art Trail. Music was supplied by the wonderful Glenbuck Cherrypickers. Laura was as modest as ever, despite her crucial role in the Art Trail. The Forest Poets featured a very eclectic selection of poets including; Paul McGrane, Deryl Walsh, Hassan Vanda, Dominique Golding, Roger Huddle and Niall Firth among others.

It was a great opportunity to meet fellow Trailers and I was especially delighted to meet Pete Baikie from the aforementioned Glenbuck Cherrypickers, as he is a comedy favourite of mine, as well as being the very fine voice of the group. And what a group they are! Featuring the amazing Dick Smith, who shredded his banjo like a latter day axe hero and beautiful four part harmonies from the whole ensemble.

As the sun retreated, I began to realise, I'd have to be on my game as the Artists' reception provided a dizzying preview of what the trail has to offer this year, as well as a reminder as to how hard Laura and her team of volunteers work.

Deryl Walsh reading her poetry

The Glenbuck Cherrypickers perform

Local MP Stella Creasy

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