May 30, 2015

Preview Night Photographs

 Preview night was a dizzying experience as Jennie, Anna and I had to pool our resources, tidy the garden, buy some nibbles and wine and hang the exhibits. I too had just completed my latest Walthamstow-based novel and was also aware of how many events on the preview night I would miss as I was reading as well as setting up the venue. We had an intimate evening and an appreciative and friendly audience.

Our theme was 'Improper Art' from Jennie's cross stiitching piece 'We'll Always Have Swindon' to her medallion quilt which featured her craft and my words. Anna Courcha, our fellow collaborator's work featured seemingly everyday objects and items which had their own internal story, from her discarded tights to her mystery packages rendered almost like airport baggage scans. I (Sean) read from my Walthamstow-based novel 'I Never Did Like The Sound Of The Bagpipes'.

The other snaps on this post come courtesy of Carolyn Abbot, so very many thanks to her for attending on my behalf.

Cheekyhandmades - improper art
Anna Courcha - improper art
Sean Urquhart reading from his novel
Lotolie - Penny Dampier
Anna Courcha's tights - improper art
Improper art
56 St James Street - Katie Jones
Gnome House - Inky Cuttlefish

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