Jun 9, 2015

Guest Post from Freya

Another guest post from our schools blogger, Freya. Very many thanks to her for a well-written and well-observed piece.

This year for the E17 Art Trail I was pleased to have one of my drawings in the official programme showing our small Art Trail event “Art on the Hedge” (no. 26). The idea was for the children on our road to draw/paint as many mini masterpieces  as they want before displaying them on the hedge outside their house! 
There was quite a lot of preparation to do. First of all making the pictures. I have been practicing drawing portraits, eyes and hands – for a long time they have been hard to do for me, but I think I am improving. I was worried that my pictures would get soggy in the rain so we have photocopied them and then laminated them for our outdoor gallery.
My school has also done something for the Art Trail this year  - which is great.  We all drew on postcard-sized paper on the idea of telling a story. On the back we had to write the school’s address and message about the pictures we drew: “This is me…” and “here I am doing…”. I sketched another eye  - I am not sure what my story was so I wrote “this eye is actually a planet.” The pictures are all on display at the front of school (venue no. 25).
I am looking forward to seeing some of the other events and shows. We are going to plan our route to see as much as we can.

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