Aug 14, 2010

Catherine Moran

1. Please tell us about the work you will be showing in the 2010 E17 Art Trail?
My name is Catherine Moran and I work in Watercolour, encaustic art, pastels and charcoal. Encaustic art is the most unusual medium. Hot wax applied with the flat iron onto special paper. I will be part of '5 Local Artists, 124 Farnan Avenue, No. 65 in the Trail Guide

2. How many times have you taken part in the Trail?
This will be my first time to exhibit at the E17 Art Trail.

3. What kind of things inspire you to create art?
I need to record things - people, places, events - my art is an expression of how I see the world. I also accompany some of my pictures with poems which extend the viewers experience.

4. What challenges (if any) do you face in preparing yourself and your work for the Trail?
Firstly the producing of an image which engages the viewer's imagination and then, of course, the many faces of advertising, interestingly enough, to make people want to turn out to see what is on offer.

5. Who are your favourite artists?
I love the old artists (all styles) whose skills and creativity were greatly challenged by lack of modern aids and who produced the masterpieces they did. One of today's artists I greatly admire is Terry Setch - who works in encaustic art (based in South Wales). His work is pushing the boundaries in this difficult medium.

6. Please tell us two things you really like about Walthamstow?
Firstly I love the community spirit locally - people are friendly but not intrusive - there if needed.
Secondly, the history of Walthamstow, especially the Village area is fascinating. I believe St. Mary's Church is said to have been built on 'Saxon' foundations. The Vestry House Museum is a mine of information on local buildings and families. The pubs, bars, restaurants and shops are very much alive with local support and events.

7. Please tell us one thing you wish Walthamstow had?A cinema/maybe theatre/music hall?  I know this wish is a bit on the ambitious side.........

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