Sep 11, 2011

Blackhorse Lane Open Studios

Michelle Reader
With 28 artists exhibiting and the Artworks Open show, I saw so much work at Blackhorse Lane Open Studios that I'm not sure where to begin. The studios opened in January 2008 and the spaces are flooded with natural light and very roomy. Here's a few images and a little bit about some of the artist's work. Artists, it'd be great if you could post more info and links to your websites in the comment box.

Michelle Reader
I recognised Michelle from her self portrait sculpture (below). She makes inventive pieces from household waste and loves the unpredictability of found materials. Sculpting people out of their waste can tell a great story. On display too are her mechanical wings, which have something of Leonardo Da Vinci's flying machine designs about them. I would have loved to try them out.

Mike Thom
At the top of the stairs sit a charming papier mache sculpted family by Mike Thom, alongside his tower of old teddy bears. Mike Thom is also a talented painter and his portraits his grandfather and of burly wrestlers and rugby players are exhibited upstairs. He said that a lot of these fearsome looking men are very gentle and lovely.

Neil Irons

Gisli Bertam
Family of Objects
Elizabeth de Monchaux

Rosemarie McGoldrick
The large black shape is called "Summer" and is a table, chair and parasol wrapped up in a black polythene sheet.

"Thick paintings and thin paintings"and the seduction of colour. Her lovely books of Walthamstow Estate Agents and two tone trees of Hackney are on display too.

Charlotte Hodes
Striking collages, beautiful patterns and ceramics.

Janet Harley Peter
 Collaged photos make kaleidoscopic patterns.

Look out for the charming Mr. Frog in "Mr. Frog has the last laugh" look up to see him hanging from the ceiling too.
Girls in the bush   

 Charlotte Gerrard
There is humour in Charlotte's raw, painterly images. As she says, "animals' expressions can have a real feelgood factor". Her painting of hares is called "Clocking in" and one hare has a blue collar, and appears to be heading out to work. The lady has a handbag and is telling him he is late. Charlotte's monoprints are delicate and you can see a lot of movement. Every Monday, Charlotte exhibits her lovely work at Spitalfields art market, more info here:

 Some of Sandie's work is inspired by Animal Shrines she saw whilst driving around New Zealand. She makes great use of an impressive variety of materials.

Jonathan O'Dea
In the words of the Trail Guide, "some of the most interesting and engaging art you will find in London and beyond". Lovely texture in his work featuring plaster.

Duncan Evans
Pauline Evans
There were some amazing huge drawings of girls by Pauline on display too that are a must-see.

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