Sep 20, 2012

Abstraction and Ceramics at the Water's Edge (no.31)

Right down on marshes I stumbled on this real gem of a exhibition. I hope everyone got a chance to see it. In the front garden is big, ticking, constantly in motion installation by artist Paul Cates, documenting age and how and where satisfaction is in relation. It was a very interesting project, although I didn't catch any of the 2 hour change overs. Round the back were these gorgeous and striking cracked and reconstructed mosaics by Steph Baxter, a fire place of tiles is a rather hooking sight! Her work fitted ideally with the wonderful backdrop of the lake and a serine and calm vibe.   

Inside the house however was my favourite part of the exhibition, and one of the surprise highlights of the trail. You never quite know what to expect when wondering into an open house, but here Paul takes up two rooms exhibiting these really expressive and unstructured canvases. He has been painting for years as a relief, enjoyment and to tell stories and this is the first time exhibited, and it was a real treat. It has the wonderful sincere naivety you get in the best of outside art, and talking to Paul about each painting was as interesting as the work! He was honest and direct about the meaning behind each one, whether it was the atmosphere of a pub or the elderly couple he sees everyday at work. Great work and I hope he exhibits again!


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