Sep 25, 2012

No-one to Bestow by Emma Scutt

A week after the trail has ended, thinking about Emma Scutt's installation at St. Barnabas still makes my stomach tighten up. It was such a powerful piece on a subject and theme that is never tackled but is a weight on so many shoulders. There are portraits that match up to the incredibly intimate stories Emma collected of responses to the want of children, an ideal that we assume as natural to the human life-cycle, but these stories share a horizon of views, tragic to empowering and contentment to conditioning, it really was powerful!

This incredible intimacy takes on a new perception too as she invited anyone to anonymously contribute their stories and hang it up creating this washing line of released secrets and emotions and as you walk and read there is a perception stopping tic from the static clock. I hope you got to catch it and all the other delights at St. Barnabas!

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