Sep 1, 2012

Jocelyn Rossiter & Hayley Holliday at the Deli Café

The preview night for the Deli Café was a roaring success. It was bustling with people gazing at the walls on the right and left plastered in artwork from Jocelyn Rossiter and Hayley Holliday. Both artists had contrasting   aesthetics in their each respective exhibition, but it worked and it strikes a perfect balance.

Hayley Holliday - Strangers on a Train
Matched up strangers selected and seated next to each other in Hayley's delicate and and impressionistic watercolours. Her project was capturing sketches of people she sees on the train, then pairing these individual quick sketches into a row of of portraits side by side. There are individual portraits too but they are all all strangers, but through her aesthetic she creates a warmth between them. Not to say the the portraits are happy, in fact their expressions are tired and and their eyes blank, but it is that expression of being on your own, out of a crowd of people you know, so it creates a strange sense of unfamiliarity when this single expression of being 'in your own thoughts' is forced alongside each other. It is a lovely exhibition that will make you feel distant and intimate.

Jocelyn Rossiter - Soulbrush
Joss Ross' exhibition on the opposite wall, isn't a structured project, but a bright, raw insight into an artist with a very agile soul. There is a naivety in her work, but it is a nativity that she has mastered, quick brush strokes and bright colours her figures animate on the canvas like cave paintings flickering by a fire. This overwhelming presence of African culture, structure and colour runs through her work and it is something that Jocelyn is in love with, and it shows in her paintings. They are murals of adornment, art of expression by an artist who you feel takes such pleasure in every painting. I really enjoyed this exhibition and I was surprised that it was actually the first time Jocelyn has officially exhibited work. I look forward to seeing more work from the 'soulbrush'.

The Deli Café is no. 138 in the guide.
Do try and visit these exhibitions, they will really be worth your time.


soulbrush said...

Thanks so much for popping in to see us, it was such a fun evening. Hope lots of people will pop in to the 'Deli' and have a chat.

Sue said...

We are so proud of you! !!!! Congratulations.

Lynn Cohen said...

How fun to see you "written up" here and I am so happy that so many came to see your wonderful art. I am the proud owner of two of your pieces! Great show. Wish California was not so far away and I might have been there!

studio lolo said...

I'm so very proud of you Jossie!! You are on your way to where you should have been years ago!