Jun 17, 2014

Eat the Art Trail Post: Spotlight on some foodie venues

Much of the wonderful art displayed at the E17 Art Trail could not have done so without the generous hosting of visionary venues, the churches, houses and of course cafes. To show our appreciation, feel free to visit them throughout the year and lend your support. Many come with attached galleries and host art throughout the year.

Rose and Crown – along with showcasing several artists’ work, they host the E17 Pop Up where sushi and dim sum masterclasses were held throughout the Trail. Here was my experience: http://e17arttrail.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/eat-trail-post-roll-up-roll-up-for.html

A quirky interior with walls adorned with coaster upon coaster.

Arts and Crusts – for such a small venue they certainly packed it in, even utilising their window to showcase the wonderfully “pow” comic art Cindy & Biscuit. 

Clever use of the location and story together
Inside along with scrumptious fresh crusty bread and artisan cakes, and a pineapple...

...they hosted the Little Library – I managed to find a food related book. More on the little libraries here: http://e17arttrail.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/library-love.html

Book called Kitchen
Round the back their gallery hosted artwork including a photo of Kat from the Hornbeam Cafe

 Their bread is what they’re famed for. 

Taking a bite into the simple pleasure of plain bread and butter I upgraded myself to a humungous wholemeal sourdough loaf to share with those back home, too good to keep to myself.

Being a massive sweet tooth, I couldn’t resist the rhubarb and strawberry flan which went down a treat: moist, tangy, sweet and just the right proportion of each.

Hornbeam CafĂ© – both hosting artworks on the walls and Norman Loves. The opening tapas evening gave a preview into their creative work. The fun food orientated feel went throughout, with their tea cup plants and fun colander lamp shades.

The Veg Hut – beautifully decorated indoor farmers market who hosted a photographic exhibition amongst their own little pieces of art such as the unusual purple carrots.

Foodies supporting one another
Unusual produce available
Bounteous display
Walthamstow Farmers Market­ – I went on the Junior day so there was Punch and Judy, pin the tail on the pig, a gorgeous wooden mini market to play with along with all the scrummy food on display.

Great words!
They hosted the poster competition for the local school and provided a lovely central point where people could gather and really get to know their producers.

One of the designs by a Year 10 pupil from Kelmscott School
Others of note that have already been featured in the blog including: Bygga Bo, 56 St James, Chequers pub, The Bell and many others.

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