Aug 13, 2014

Appetite Post: Bestowed Kitchen does it again!

Yes, I should have learned from last time, got up at sunrise and camped out to catch Jeremy and the Bestowed team as they cracked open the first of their salads, tarts, quiches and other goodies. I should have called in an army of protectors to guard my way through the “plague of locusts” as they were referred to here:
Or at the very least gone to him first.

Sadly I did none of those things and to my deepest regret, I followed a systematic route through Artillery Island. This meant that once I made it to his wooden shack it has once more been decimated. A lonely “sold out, sorry!” sign was all that was left.

But aha! Jeremy knew I was on my way and very kindly had saved me a wholesome leg of harissa and rosemary chicken to console myself with and very welcome it was too! I also got to wipe clean the remaining crumbs of honeycomb left after the swarm.
All that remained after everyone got wind of a one day only Bestowed Kitchen feast
Lesson here: Bestowed Kitchen’s food is good, go get it! 

Sad news: Beulah Road Market seems to be in peril and likely to close down due to some regulations I couldn’t fathom. Sad times. Support your local producers by following them on twitter and Facebook, such as Jeremy here:

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