Jul 31, 2010

Make a suggestion to Roan Allen....

August, the month of school holidays, summer breaks and quieter roads. A month to relax and recharge the old batteries......

Then came the E17 Art Trail!  August + E17 Art Trail......always equals......PANIC !

After reflecting on last year's trail,  I've decided to do something less restrictive this year that can be placed inside or outside and is not dependent on the weather.

`Figure withchair figure without` is the name of my listing for this years Art Trail. This exhibit will be found at 20 locations around E17. For the first two weeks of August I will be taking suggestions on where and when to place the work. The locations and times will then be posted on the Art Trail online guide, my website http://www.roanallen.co.uk/ and on this blog.

The final plan is to display the artwork at each of the 20 suggested locations for 30 minutes getting to each site by bus or on foot carrying the work with me.

So please start sending in suggestions and in September look out for someone wandering purposefully around E17 carrying a chair with a figure on it.


Image is of half finished work.

Jul 30, 2010

First on the block... big up Sba Shaikh...

“Yo ‘Missey S’ here! I live in ‘Welcome stow’ and is loving it, you kna wha I mean. Life is cool and ting living in the stow is peng init dough. Any ways as to my art I jus wana show my furnishing fabrics with my Urban fashion range of t’s & hoodies at ‘William Morris Gallery’. I wana celebrate d language in ‘Welcome Stow’ frm d east London lingo to Urdu and this is part of my installation. Yeah I speak the Urdu lingo you kna what I mean bruv, if your female reading this bruvette and I is fluent. However, I got my father to help init with writing d Urdu lingo. Big up pops!

My roots from ‘Bhindi Bazzar’ in Bombay (Mumbai) and I grew up on the d streets dem der but also had to go to some posh school in ‘Shimla’ yu kna wha I mean. However, I den started to paint ‘Bollywood Film Banners’ as I dropped out of school but some how I ended up in the stow and dis is my yard now!

Got to big up a lots of peops!

My family, big up to Jo Zagni for her brilliant photography.

‘Gliffix’ for printing and supplying my t’s and hoodies http://www.gliffix.com/

Mani Kholi from ‘Khubsoorat Collections’ Green Street, E7 8JG http://www.khubsooratcollection.com/. For giving a platform and letting me showcasing my art her shop windows.

Oh yeah a big, big up to the guys at ‘E17 Arts Trail’ and Valerie Grove for this blog!!!

Missey S

This years, theme of ‘Welcome stow’ means a lot to me because I moved to Walthamstow over 3 years ago from Hackney, and Walthamstow certainly welcomed me into their arms. I remember coming to ‘Whipps Cross’ as a child, both my sister and I, thinking that we’re in the country side. Well things certainly have changed! This borough has always been a multicultural borough with events such as the ‘Children’s Carnival’ and the WF Mela with various other events. The borough is going from strength to strength.

Last year, I show-cased 3 of my personas on the ‘E17 Arts Trail 2009’ a Mughal Indian Princess, Bollywood Actress from the 80’s/90’s and a ‘Rude girl from East London/ Bhindi Bazzar Mumbai’. To showcase, the above personas was very exciting for me, because all of the personas were in my head and would emerge through me as an individual both verbally and physically. So to home them through my art/textiles was a revelation as I learnt how to channel them through my work and be each persona. The opening statement is by one of them ‘Missey S’ who is showing her work for the first time without the other personas!

I had great fun thinking of how to design this installation, collating the pieces. Also I have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists/designers and assist them showcasing some of their work through the persona of ‘Missey S’.

Creatively I have the opportunity to use different techniques for the installation at ‘William Morris gallery’ such as practicing my air brushing skills and trying to develop a graffiti style for my persona ‘Missey S’.

Sba x