Apr 19, 2014



We are looking for this year's E17 Art Trail blogger.

The format is simple - in the lead up to the Trail you will create a short questionnaire to submit to participating artists and post their responses and images onto the blog. During the Art Trail itself your mission is to visit, photograph and review as much of the Trail as possible and then format and post  text, images, video and links daily onto the blog. You will also be coordinating, editing and posting reviews and images from a variety of guest and volunteer writers.  So as well as being the blogger you also have to be the curator, the editor and the administrator.  This means you will need a lot of time free from other responsibilities for the duration of the Trail.  

Whoever takes on this multi-skilled creative exercise has an opportunity to put their unique style into the project and have a permanent online record of their part in the ongoing and awesome E17 Art Trail. We can't pay much but this year we have managed to raise six hundred pounds for you!

Please look carefully at the blog to get a sense of what is required and what you could do with it. Then if you are interested please get in touch briefly detailing your experience and why you would like to do this project. 

Thank you