Jun 7, 2011

WANTED - Blogger for the E17 Art Trail 2011

For this year's trail we need a dedicated someone to take over the blog.

In 2009 an Arts Council Grant awarded to Valerie Grove meant that the blog could be created. In that first year the focus was on previews, artist interviews and daily reviews that covered a whopping 70% of the whole event.

In 2010 there was no budget so the blog was reliant on artists submitting their own previews and information and then on friends, artists and fans of the Trail sending in their own images, reviews and comments.

This year  the E17 Art Trail Blog has a budget of 500 pounds

So can you write or do you want to write? Do you have new ideas for what the blog could be? As a creative exercise in its own right the blog is entirely open for whoever takes it on, to do whatever they want with it. So are you the official blogger for the E17 Art Trail 2011???

If you want to take this on ... and earn 500 pounds  ...please email E17arttrail@gmail.com with a short statement explaining what you would do with the blog plus a CV or short statement about your experiences. 

If you haven't used a blog before don't worry - writing and posting text, images, videos and links is pretty straightforward and, if necessary, we will give blog training anyway.