Sep 5, 2010

Nicola Shelton

1. Please tell us about the work you will be showing in the 2010 E17 Art Trail?
Art and photos from talented and gifted budding artist Daisy (aged 9) and her sister Scarlett (aged 4) and their mum and dad.

2. How many times have you taken part in the Trail?
This is our second year.

3. What kind of things inspire you to create art?

3. What challenges (if any) do you face in preparing yourself and your work for the Trail?
Keeping it dry and stopping it blowing away in the garden

5. Who are your favourite artists?
To name but a few Stephen Wiltshire, David Hockney, Richard Tuff, William Morris, Van Gogh, Rothko, Mondrian.

6. Please tell us two things you really like about Walthamstow?
The people, the art trail

7. Please tell us one thing you wish Walthamstow had?

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