Aug 3, 2011

The challenges of preparing for a Trail Exhibition, by Duncan Holmes

Just four weeks to go, and I have done precisely nothing. According to the Trail Guide, which cannot now be changed, I'm exhibiting photographs and drawings of the American Midwest. I do have plenty of photos to draw upon, taken over a number of years of regular visits, but no logical framework, not what you'd call a story to pin them to. What I've been trying to capture in photographs is mainly about everyday life, seeing how things are noticeable because unfamiliar, or at least different from home. That view changed as I became more familiar but the idea behind the images is the same. As for drawings, those are few in number and mainly drawn in a tiny notebook. They are quite different, being drawn from memory or imagination, but I suppose they're a sort of idealised or iconic take on the same subject matter. The next step is to print out a sample of both photos and drawings, and lay them out side by side to see how they look together. It might not work at all.

Plan B is to juxtapose the American images with photos taken locally and forget about the drawings altogether. That will mean a lot more work, but it could be interesting, and it does have the advantage of actually relating to the Walthamstow-centric theme of the event. We'll see.

Duncan Holmes's exhibition will be on at 3 Clifton Avenue, 10-11 September.
Have a look at his blog here.

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