Aug 25, 2011

Our new young(er) blogger and what she wants to see on the Trail

For the first time this year, there is a special mini-commission here on the blog for younger audiences on 'the BIG little art trail' (guide available here). I am delighted to introduce Abigail, who will be blogging with her thoughts on the Trail. Without further ado, over to her:

Hi, my name is Abigail. I turned 12 last week and I go to Walthamstow School for Girls. This will be the first time that I will be doing the E17 Art Trail, and I am really excited about it as I love looking at pictures and photographs and other types of art and I had no idea that there were so many creative people in Walthamstow! I have been looking through the Art Trail guide (now available online, in shops and even as a mobile app, more info here) and have picked out just a few exhibitions that I would particularly like to see, as my mum has said that we simply won't have time to see ALL of them (although I know that we will definitely see more than the ones listed here!) Click on each link to find out more about the exhibitions.

I have heard a lot about the campaign to save our cinema, even though it was closed before I was really able to go there. I hope that it will be saved and it will be interesting to see people’s memories of it.

I like the idea that this features many different types of artwork and that it’s by women only. Girl Power!

On Top Of The World 
This looks really unusual. I have always liked collages and the idea of ‘no limitations’ appeals to me.

I have always loved dogs – they’re so cute! I think that the idea they may look like their owners is really funny.

I Love Walthamstow
Well, I love Walthamstow too – and I would like to see if I recognise where the photos are taken.
I love the fact that these are all made from recycled materials – we have been learning a lot about recycling at school.

What Lies Beneath
I enjoy learning about underwater habitats, they always looks so peaceful – although sharks can be a bit scary. This is also in my favourite cafĂ©, so I can have a chocolate milkshake and a cake while I’m looking!

I have always been interested in nature and wildlife and think it will be interesting to see things I may never have noticed in the local area.

Knit A Year
I am really interested to see how long the knitted piece is – and am looking forward to reading the journals and thoughts from the last year too.
This sounds a bit like a treasure hunt, which would be great fun. I do not know what combobulating means though!
This is being held at my school and is an exhibition of work by some of the students. Unfortunately, I’m not good enough at art to have anything shown – but maybe another year!

School Exhibition: 10 seconds 
There can’t be many things that you can do in 10 seconds – I would like to try some of them myself!

I can’t wait til the trail starts and I can write again about my thoughts after visiting the different exhibitions!


Anonymous said...

Hi Abi

Great blog. You certainly give your mum a run for her money.

Your choices are excellent. Maybe it will be you exhibiting next year?

Kate Bod

Anonymous said...

Good choices Abs, helped me as I couldn't do a shortlist!


Unknown said...

Wow Abi...beautifully written and very informative! If I lived nearby, I'd want to try out all your suggestions! Fred

Anonymous said...

Thanks Abi! This is also my first year on the Art Trail and I have to say, the guide is a bit overwhelming - who knew there was this much going on in my backyard?

So thanks for the shortlist - especially the recommendation of where to go for a good chocolate milkshake - art and chocolate are a winning combination for me!

Rein said...

Hey Abi :) Your mum pointed me to your blogpost and she's right in being a proud mum, great first blogpost! :D
Maybe in your school they think your art isn't good enough (yet) for display - next time, show them some of your poems, or just give them the link to your blog - words can be art too ;P
Looking forward to your next posts and stinking jealous (again) of all that goes on at E17!


Anonymous said...

Hey Abi - I sat next to the girl at school who was best in art. I didn't have any confidence but ended up going to two of the best art colleges in the country when I was older!!

Don't forget to check out the Vestry - you get loads of exhibitions all in one place and I've heard there are some very good things to see this year!

Big Chief E-Spy said...

Abi- you have been discombobulated by our E-Spy guide!Learn more about our wonderful world of the Stow by coming to the wedding of the year next Saturday! Meet at the Nags Head at 1pm and you may be chosen to be a bridesmaid!
You'll be able to combobulate as much as you like then...
Score 30 points for this post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Abbs, what a great first blog and very informative. You are so lucky living in a place with so much to see and do and it's great that you actually take an interest and care about what is going on.I hope there are lots more 12-year-olds who can express themselves as well as you have! keep up the good work (and I look forward to your next blog).hope you get to see lots of the items on offer.