Sep 1, 2011

Make your mark with the E17 neighbourhood quilt

Designer-maker Catherine West will be offering a series of 'plot your spot' workshops throughout the 2011 E17 Art Trail in order to complete the 'The E17 Quilt' with you the public. The completed quilt is to be the centerpiece of Art Trail listing 84 A patchwork neighborhood, next weekend. Between now and then, you are encouraged to come along to one of several of events where you can make a thumbprint in fabric paint onto the location of your home in E17.

The first opportunity is this Sunday at the 'Back Garden Fayre and Tea party' at 27 Thorpe Crescent. Artists Sarah Hardy (listing 31), Catherine West  (listings 84 and 91) and Alex Bell (listing 129) will all be on hand with exhibitions and a selection of art for sale from 10am to 5pm. Local company Hardy & Scott will also be offering their deliciously lovely cakes.

Workshops will also be held at Woodside Children’s Centre alongside the Making Mamas Mannequin Menagerie (entry 91) during the week. The quilt is being made to celebrate the creativity and mutual supportiveness abundant in our (too often under-rated) community, and to help launch new local social enterprise Significant Seams.

It has been made possible by the sponsorship support of a number of local companies including the E17 Art HouseChurchill Real EstateETW PrintersThe Mill Community Centre and Woodside Children's Centre.

Sponsors' locations are highlighted on the map – and proceeds support the vulnerable and disadvantaged of Walthamstow in participating in Significant Seams programmes.

Significant Seams, working with partner organisations including children’s centres, community centres, domestic violence and sexual violence charities, and other community groups (like in this instance, the E17 Art Trail), brings together people in sewing and textile themed workshops. These groups tend to include people experiencing mental health issues, isolation, or significant events affecting their sense of self.

The workshops impart skills, trigger the relaxation response, create non-pressurised contexts for discussing challenges they're facing, develop self-confidence (people get a huge endorphin rush from realizing they can make something!) and foster supportive social networks. All of these benefits better empower participants for the day-to-day challenges they face. These workshops also create a context for Significant Seams and its partner organizations to identify the most vulnerable and needy, and facilitate provision of and access to the most appropriate additional support. 

Additional quilt sponsors are still being sought. Your logo or building can still be added. Contact for sponsorship information. Workshop sponsorship opportunities also exist. Please be in touch if you can help. Sign-up for Significant Seams workshops at or at one of the workshop events. More information is available at

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