Sep 10, 2011

Trail Diary from E17 Designers, Part III

The Beauty of Stone, Tim Smith
 Late night at the Mill, it was a smiley Gala launch, and good to be there after seeing it transform over the last few weeks, also went on a whistle stop tour to Sitting around (29), sculptures, two good little boys, just waiting…

Friday finally made it to Arts and Crusts - most of the Fulbourne area will be busy on Saturday, so try and make it to the Plaza for 84, patchwork neighbourhood, with Seams Significant, and Tim Smith (88), the Beauty of Stone..obviously take a rest at Arts and Crusts café - he works so darn hard, that man about town, worth a visit just for the smiling eyes (and the coffee of course).

Friday night managed to fit in Blackhorse Lane Open Studios (2), music in the courtyard and everything. Cool spaces and good art, all under one roof – worth a look in for a one stop shop. Missed all of the Vestry opening (arrived at 9.05!) but caught some action with Taradiddly tales in the yard, up to no good with Chief E-spy (you’d only know what we mean if you are on the tribe..) 97 - we’ll be at the secret gathering on Sunday night. Below is a picture from Chief E-Spy continuing the story of Tara's wedding. He says, "the truth about the warning at the wedding may be revealed..."
Tara's wedding, continued
So anyways, we had a winged chariot on hand to take us and a few beaming trailers down to St Barnabas (76), we knew was having a lock –in (sorry, late opening) and met all the artists - again, a great venue if you can only manage one or two this weekend. The body popping in the aisles was an extra treat, never mind the art. We had to look at art in Ye Old Rose and Crown again on the way home.

Saturday on the hub with Della Rees from Mitre Studios, then hopefully off to Sharon
Drew and Mark Sowden 155, and a little bit of Wood Street. See you on Sunday at the E17 Designers Market!

Visit the  E17 Designers Market on Sunday 11th September, 2-6pm, Asian Centre, 18a Orford Road and check out their website here.

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