Aug 18, 2012

Milk Bottle Musings from Raewyn Harrison and You

Raewyn Harrison is showing a ceramic installation at the Vestry House Museum, which comments on government cuts. By using the symbol of a small milk bottle she depicts one of the most infamous government cuts of the past, the withdrawal of free milk from schools in the 1970’s. She draws parallels between the outcome of past government cost cutting programs to question those we are currently experiencing.

A group of over fifty small slip cast porcelain milk bottles will be on display, each with an individual message representing one person’s view of government cuts.
The 3/4 pint milk bottle used to make the mould for this work is from Hitchman’s, an E17 Dairy Farm, once located just off the Billet road roundabout in Walthamstow which provided milk for local schools.
Your comments please!

Would you like to express your views on the current coalition government’s cuts? By leaving a message you will be adding to a growing collection. In this year’s E17 Art Trail, the artist is hoping to get lots of written messages to enable her to swell the numbers of these little protest bottles.

What do you think the current governments cuts are bestowing on the next generation?
You can write your thoughts at the Broken Britain exhibition at Vestry House Museum during the Art Trail.

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