Aug 12, 2012

Share your Trail experience

With just over 2 weeks to got before the start of the trail, we thought we should remind all of you that this blog will be open for all of you to send in your own reviews, photographs and general art trail goodness. It actually will be appreciated because as much Kate, Valerie and I will try our hardest to see everything...there is over 350 events and exhibitions to get round! So between us and what you all send in, the blog will cover everything in those 2 weeks!

You don't have to wait till the trail starts to submit something either...if you want to promote your exhibition, venue or just show how your preparation or planning is coming along email it! Artists remember to also fill in the questions on the side of the blog. It is great publicity and it'll get you some crowds!

So remember get involved and send your art trail thoughts, opinions, photographs, reviews, experiences or previews too:

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