Aug 8, 2012

The Wood Street Indoor Market

couldn't believe how fresh this market has become. It has all come about only in the last 12 months and even still it’s getting fresher and fresher, with more shops, studios and businesses. From its original roots as a cinema (bet you didn't know that!) it’s fast gaining a reputation as one of London’s secret gems!

I use to remember it of mostly dusty unused shop fronts; even then it was interesting to walk through with its narrow isles of the odd record shops and bric-a-brac...but now it is really making use of the 50 shop units that all sit under one roof. The kick start of the restoration was through a scheme in which businesses and artist could apply for an initial rent free space to get something going. And how that has worked, you can go there and find almost anything. Have an exciting dig around for great second hand furniture finds, antiques, retro & vintage music, vinyl, toys, clothes, handmade chairs or find great places for picture framing, photograph restorations and cake decorations. That’s some of the businesses; there are still all the studios, galleries and community spaces that exist within. It is such a buzzing place right now that many shop units that double up as two things, café and a gallery or community space and a shop…it is a very unique market that is continuing to get bigger.

The market is also always involved in events on Wood St. or in the market itself, from poetry readings to all sorts of workshops. It is always welcoming to swing by and on the first Thursday of every month it is open till late so you can come, relax, shop and chat with all the owners and artists.

During the trail this will have to be a must visit spot on your map, there is some great exhibitions being set up inside, a bunch of events as varied as the shopping. You will able to see Sba Shaikh’s fascinating installation The Personas of Mehraj part 3, get a piece of one off ‘wearable art’ from Queenie and Ted’s pop up shop Cubby Hole, enjoy some coffee, cake and poetry at Anja Jane’s or even have a look at roosters and wrestlers in Mother Ruins Gin Palace, which is currently being set up!

Discover wonderful vintage postcards, maps and photographs of E17 at the unique shop of local history inspired gifts, Folly & Frill. They will also have a postbox and stamps ready so you can send a postcard of Walthamstow telling people about your trail experience. Finally m
ake sure you visit Significant Seams, a organization sewing the community together. They will have their E17 Neighbourhood Quilt up on display ready to mark where you live, and it isn’t the only they have organized...

There is so much going on during the trail here that can’t be squeezed into a mere paragraph or two, so keep following this blog for some more specific previews of the exhibitions, events and goings on inside the market. Make sure you pen this venue in to your art trail diary and even try to go to the markets launch event for the Art Trail on 6
th of Sept 6-8pm. In the meantime head down to Wood Street now, check it out and find a gem!

98-100 Wood Street

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