Sep 9, 2012

Soundcastle Inhabit

I was not really sure what to expect when going to this experimental, interactive project and my unfamiliarity was amplified when I was greeted on the door, given a list of instructions then asked to take off my shoes. But once I walked through the door with hums and gentle whistles into the spare, empty kitchen, the door closes and sound starts escalating from all around the house. It really begins to dictate atmosphere, mood and really throws your awareness off all over the place. It is a very interesting experience of an really well executed idea.

What the girls behind Soundcastle have done is worked out which rooms of the house host the best acoustics for the specific instruments/loops allowing sound to consume the house and evoke responses from all your senses.

I definitely recommend experiencing this. There are two more performances, every 10 minutes between 6:30-8 on Tuesday (11th) & Thursday (13th). Go and enjoy!

It is no.118 in the guide

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