Jun 5, 2014

Outdoors on The William Morris Trail..

No need to go inside to see this selection of art works on the William Morris Trail – be sure to stroll past.

Home at 68 Mersey Road
Look up whilst walking down Mersey Road and you will see what at first seems to be interestingly decorated blinds, but look closer as these are illustrations, including patterns and motifs of recognisable Walthasmtow landmarks, that represent E17. Look out for their grey guard cat. 

Listing no. 20: Please click here for more information

Tree Sculpture
The bough of a real tree, which had been discarded, forms the base of this sculpture. Pieces of scrap wood have been used to reconstruct the branches. The use of materials and re-constructive process reflects on processes of production, waste and recycling.

Its creator says, "The sculpture is made in the way Frankenstein’s Monster was made, by cannibalising bits of other dead wood and putting them together to create the likeness of a tree".

Listing no. 26: Please click here for more information

Little Free Library- painted by Emma Scutt.
Artist Emma Scutt has decorated the Little Free Library on Ruby Road with local wildlife and a local ex-resident (can you spot him?). She is also exhibiting from the ceiling of St Barnabas Church. This will be her fourth consecutive year participating in the Art Trail. 

Listing no. 47: Please click here for more information 

Theatron Paper Moon
Only emerging after darkness falls, it is well worth an evening diversion to take a look at this silhouette display. Reminiscent of the pioneering work of Lottie Reiniger but with its own individual style and charm. 

Listing no. 18: Please click here for more information

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