Jun 8, 2014

Unreported: Interactive lamp post sculpture on Grosvenor Park Road

Don't miss this sculpture of a lamp post in the front garden of 66 Grosvenor Park Road (venue 134). The piece is titled 'Unreported' and is inspired by the rather optimistic assertion that crime figures are falling - specifically in Tower Hamlets. When I took these photos on the first day of the Art Trail, the work was still in progress. So, Adam, the artist is holding up the banners which are now in their rightful place on the lamp post itself. Visitors are encouraged to write their own experiences of unreported crimes in the notepad provided and put them in one of the holes at the base of the sculpture. Or, indeed post them online at www.unreportedcrime.co.uk. - Penny

Listing no.134 in the guide: Click here for more information

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