Sep 5, 2010

Duncan Holmes Artist Diary

London 2008-2010 photographic exhibition at 3 Clifton Avenue, Blackhorse Lane / opposite Inky Cuttlefish Studios

Friday 3 September
I'm showing 68 A3-size photographs in my own house and have the afternoon off work to set up.

Checklist so far: images printed, little blue number stickers from Rymans to number them stuck on about half, exhibits list written out and printed, postcards designed and printed. Still a lot to do. Cleaning lady still cleaning when I get home, vacuuming continues for an hour and a half. Mess around until that's over. Move furniture round, move bits into the kitchen out of the way - all of which turn out to be a big mistake. Kids come home from school and help move everythng back where it was. Finally get blu-tacking and have everything up by six, even an information collage by the front door. Looks good, the hall and front room filled with big blocks of prints hung edge-to-edge.

Visit other places around Blackhorse Lane to see how they are getting on and to exchange flyers.

Saturday 4 September
Wake up far too early although there isn't much to do. Make an improvised street feature, garden canes with postcards wedged into the top. Pace around.

Open at 10 and sit around. The first visitors are Jehovah's Witnesses but they do come in for a look. Nothing else all morning, until the first couple walk through the door around midday. I'm hoping my location just across from Inky Cuttlefish Studios will help with visitor numbers but I can see a minority are crossing the road. One couple actually walk past holding the Trail guide, but they know where they're going and it's not here.

After that people do turn up, nicely spaced out - locals, a few fellow exhibitors, even a couple who have come from Kent to go round as much of the trail a they can cover. High point is a group visit by Gerhard of the Waltham Forest Cycling Campaign, leading a cycle tour of about 10 people. Friends and colleagues come after 4. Not a bad day.

Sunday 5 September

Realise a little late I'm supposed to open at 11 not 10. OK - time to make breakfast after all.

There is a reasonable flow of people all day. Old friends drop by. Our neighbour want help because our cat has savaged a pigeon in his garden - send the children out to investigate. Neighbour comes back later with his family. More visitors... Having no curtains and the front door open all day certainly changes things. Neighbour kid comes by with pears from their pear tree. Mark Yoxall arrives as promised with his ukulele and entertains a couple of ladies who were just leaving , but relax on the sofa and enjoy the brief set.

Closing time comes eventually. Having open house all weekend was an interesting experience - but a little constraining having to stay at home all day. As 6 strikes, I'm out the door on my bike.

See a selection here

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