Sep 3, 2010

Fabien Ho's Artist Diary.....

Tuesday 31st Aug:
Panic stations and have had to ring a friend to come help when I realise my art of procrastination has hit an all time perfection. Posters? Designed & printed, yet to put up... Note to self, keep a spare one for the Hub. What a great idea that Info Hub thingy in the town centre.

Wed 1st September:
Leaflets? Designed and printed, yet to distribute door-to-door. Do I post them through every door? Crikey will need hundreds, printer on overdrive as it is. Dropped some off at key locations, but came home with a vintage clock. I'm sure the idea was to do stuff for the Exhibition, not actually buy a clock. Note to self: Buying a clock does not equate to buying time.

Thurs 2nd Sept:
Drinks for visitors? Off to the supermarket for Cava £4 a bottle, bargain! Priorities priorities... the pictures may not be up on the walls yet, but at least we have booze.
Having a blue tack nightmare.. where can I get some? Is knocking on neighbour's door at 1am a little crazy?
Can feel migraine coming on, need to do as much as I can before it blacks me out.

Friday 3rd Sept:
Thank goodness for old college friends who are great with the spray paint, spray mount and scalpel. Wow they've done all that I had procrastinated for over a week. In half an hour.
Woke up from 12 hours of sleeping off a Migraine. Moved the dining room furniture and turned it into an art gallery space. Hung wires and clips. Looks cool, am liking... it actually works.

Think we're nearly there... as I type this 10.49am, my door opens in 11 minutes. But the golden question, will anyone come?  If not, I've got 6 bottles of Cava all to myself... Good times!

Wanderlust - To & From.The preview event is Saturday 4th Sept, 5pm - 8pm.

A photographic collection of images from Walthamstow and beyond.
Exploring identities of belonging, from India to Peru, Egypt to Italy, via E17.
Open every day. Fridays from 11am, Weekends from 12pm, Mon to Thurs from 3pm.
For address details, see the trail guide, exhibition number 16.

Why not pop in for a cup of tea? Or a glass of Cava (if there is any left, that is).

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Anonymous said...

You've got me chuckling. Good luck!