Aug 30, 2011

Last minute preparations, Duncan Holmes

Duncan Holmes is blogging for the E17 Art Trail in the lead-up to the Trail and his exhibition of photographs and drawings of the American Midwest, which will be on at 3 Clifton Avenue, 10-11 September. 

Less than a week to go, although I have another week before my show opens. Over the bank holiday I've worked on one large drawing to complement the collection of small notebook drawings, whilst trying to keep an eye on the deadline. So far everything is just files on the computer, but at least they are all in one place and more or less categorised, just a final weeding-out process to get a reasonably-sized final selection. 

A lot of the photographic shows last year were incredibly selective and the work was generally displayed in frames. I'm aiming for the opposite approach, an informal pin-up with plenty to look at, big and small prints casually displayed. Last year showed that it's actually quite easy to print out 65 or so A3 prints and pin them up with Blu-Tack. I was afraid the prints would keep falling off the walls all weekend, but that didn't start to happen until at least a week later, when it didn't matter anyway. Even so, displaying drawings as a slideshow on a screen is starting to look like an extremely tempting option.

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