Aug 27, 2011

Photography exhibitions

No. 17, by Kitty Brown
Here are a few photography exhibitions that caught my eye while leafing through the Trail guide (now available online, in shops and even as a mobile app, more info here). Click on each link to find out more about the exhibition. If I've left something out that you're particularly looking forward to, let me know by emailing 

Recent photographs by Kitty Brown

Kitty Brown’s thoughtful photographs reveal the beauty, meaning and humour in everyday, ordinary moments. This exhibition, her third for the Trail, looks at decay, a part of life that is all too often ignored in favour of youth and perfection. Kitty explores the this process by looking at people, buildings and the environment.

Photographs and screen prints by Penny Dampier
Penny is inspired by William Eggleston, whose wonderful photos experiment with colour and composition in a way that makes you see familiar objects in a new light . The photos on Penny's blog investigate the domestic and the boundaries it imposes. She often uses deliberate multiple exposure to give pictures an unnerving quality and to suggest the blurring of memory.
I am intrigued by the idea of Rachel's 3D film inspired photography piece. She invites viewers to enter the dark world of an imagined forest that she has made using both pinhole and scanner-based photography as a starting point.
Photo by Matt Scandrett
The world is yours
If you want to feel like you have left Walthamstow and seen five other continents, head to award-winning photographer Matt Scandrett‘s show. Matt presents a collection of travel photography taken over the last 10 years. Looking at the expressions captured in his close-up portraits on his website feels slightly voyeuristic, as if witnessing an intimate moment. In Cuba, young men clench their muscles and grit their teeth ready for boxing matches, in Ethiopia, children play in the street and in London a young woman confronts riot police at the 2009 G20 protests. Matt's landscape photos from all over the world are beautifully composed and well-observed.

Photo by Matt Scandrett
Sculpture and photography in the garden
Owen Bullet’s bold sculpture meets Adrian Anderson’s photography in this outdoor exhibition of works selected and produced in response to one another.

The American Midwest, photographs and drawings
Reading Duncan Holmes' blogposts about preparing for his exhibition of images made during visits to Indiana and Illinois has made me very keen to see what he comes up with.

Carnival of souls
After seeing photographs of other people, you can be photographed by Rosa Pureplay, who uses an antique camera and old-fashioned developing processes.


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Susannah said...

Hi, the photos are exhibited all over Walthamstow. The title of each exhibition is a link, click on it and it will take you to a page with more info about where the exhibition is and opening times.

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