Sep 8, 2011

Arts and Crusts - an urban eden in an metropolitan jungle

By Esther Freeman, Creative Director of Ms. Wanda's Wardrobe

I love the number 123 bus. I would probably love it a bit more if it hadn't kept me waiting for 15 minutes. But like a good woman, a good bus is worth waiting for.

I don't like this bus because of some strange diesel and rubber fixation. I love it for taking me to a special place, a little Urban Eden just off Fulbourne Road.

Based on Victoria Road in the Chapel End district of Walthamstow, is the Arts and Crusts cafe. Arts & Crusts is new on the E17 scene and is the perfect place for a breakfast meeting or for grabbing a lunchtime snack. It is also home to Andrew, a possible contender for the friendliest person in Walthamstow. I suspect part of this competition involves Andrew learning everyone's names in the E17 postcode. By the time you leave he will also know your parents' names, how old you dog is, your shoe size and what you had for breakfast. Not in any kind of weird stalker kind of way I should add, he just seems genuinely enthusiastic about meeting like-minded people and promoting the 'awesome' in Awesomestow.

And as well as being a very nice person, Andrew also makes a mean smoke salmon sandwich.

But Arts and Crusts isn't just a nice place to eat. It also exhibits some wonderful art and upcycled homewares. From wild sci-fi/pop art doodles and paintings of robots, chickens and owls; to cake stands made from old industrial parts. There is also a range of greetings cards and handmade jewelery.

So if you like a bit of art with your cappuccino then this is definitely the place to come. Arts and Crusts is on Victoria Road and number 86 in the Art Trail guide.

Ms Wanda's Wardrobe is a pop up shop at 151 Forest Road selling ethical and sustainable jewelery and clothing.  

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