Sep 8, 2011

BOARDED - Lost and Lonely spaces

Artists Sonya Sabbagh and Jade Myrie have boarded up the front of Jade's house in Coppermill Lane. At 8pm on Saturday 3, a film was projected onto the boarded windows depicting other boarded up buildings around Walthamstow that were found in a day's trip around the borough. The film is contemplative and explores the theme of empty and boarded up houses.

Helen, who saw the film said: "What a treat watching the film Boarded projected on to the front bay windows at dusk yesterday. Really enjoyed chatting to Sonya, the filmmaker and drinking a glass of Imran's delicious wine."

Jade and Sonya invite you to come and join them again at 8 Coppermill Lane from 8-9pm and enjoy the film with them again on Saturday 10.

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Jannah said...

I had been looking forward to seeing this as it's close to my home and good to see things in neighbourhood with such a huge glut in village area. I watched the film for a while from across the road, small gathering of artists and friends outside the house drinking and a few across the road by me, jarring my nerves shouting comments. I decided to come back after a brief journey to local shop and stopped in the Mill and from the doorway with a few others observed the boards coming down about 20 minutes before 9pm, we discussed the need to keep to timings printed in Trail Guide. Sunday I passed by between 7-8pm and saw nothing there, the stated 3pm-9pm saturday and sunday, in the guide seem to be out or plans were changed. Really think people should give what was promised.
However really liked the concept, nice piece of neighbourhood art.