Sep 5, 2011

Pictorem gallery and an exciting event on Sunday 11

Here's some good news and a date for your diary: although the Trail Guide says that the Pictorem gallery is closed on Sunday 11 September it is in fact OPEN, for an exciting event from noon until 4pm. Rupinder Bahra, a Mendhi artist will be painting henna designs on hands for just £2 a go and her younger sister will be selling cupcakes, all in aid of a cancer research charity.

It will also be a chance to see the diverse range of work exhibited there, from Carlos de Lins's bright, abstract, geometric paintings, to cartoons of people playing sport, all very well framed. Intense concentration is evident in the cartoons of people playing sport just as it is in the photos of people playing sport at Image 17's show

On the opposite wall hang David Sullivan's well-composed, thought provoking paintings and prints. The owner of the shop said his paintings of the deserted park are popular.

Veronica Lindsay's work looks very different to the large painting of her family she exhibited at Pictorem two years ago. This year she is showing colourful patterned work inspired by exotic blooms at Kew gardens and her African roots.

The Forest Painters' colourful watercolours are lovely and show all the pretty countryside around E17. "Walthamstow unhidden"by Matt Taylor shows a different side of the area, with photos of all the quirky things he has spotted. He wonders who wrote certain pieces of graffiti and why. I liked the sign advertising "grey fruit" at 35p each.

Looking forward to Sunday!

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