Jul 28, 2012

What Venues need Previews?

There is so much happening in this year’s trail that we thought it will be real helpful for visitors and artists if we post some venue previews over the next few weeks. They can let visitors know what public spaces are being utilized for exhibitions and events and let artists who may have an exhibition tucked away in a framing shop, church or café get some attention.

It is one of the great things about the Art Trail that everything around Walthamstow begins to have an artistic pulse, and you will be surprised just how various the buildings that open their doors and walls to art are.

Although there will be a few previews of the obvious places, we want to highlight those smaller studios or spaces that are transformed into galleries by the trail and get as much people traffic as possible over to those places.

So, if you think there is a venue that needs some attention, email its name and some details about it to: E17ArtTrail@gmail.com

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