Jul 30, 2012

Ye Olde Rose and Crown

To kick off the venue previews, there is no better place to start than one which every E17 art-head knows, The Rose and Crown ‘Theatre’ Pub. Throughout the year the R&C is always open as a space for everything creative from visual art to live music and from comedy to theatre productions tucked away in a room up the narrow staircase…it just got included in The Guardian’s top 5 places for live music in London!...So there is almost always something  going on and the pub downstairs is spacious and welcoming enough for you to sit back and enjoy quite a few relaxing ‘refreshments’ in what is pretty much a community hub for many different types of Walthamstowers.

During the weeks of the Trail, the Rose and Crown will be buzzing as usual, and hosting loads of stuff  of a great variety too, so theoretically you could just spend those 2 weeks in the pub and still see so much!  There will be lively events of comedy, music and performance such as a showcase of new writing interpreted and performed by The Goats Theatre Company (8th Sept.) which should provide surprise, interest and just a really great time!

Exhibitions you ask? Well the Rose and Crown  will be having around eight different exhibits running in those two and a bit weeks, from group exhibits to solo shows covering a huge range of disciplines. Photographs, prints, illustrations and paintings will be drippin’ off the walls while you sit sippin’ away. And, I wasn’t kidding about just staying in the pub all day and allowing the art to be brought to you because on the weekends of the trail, the Rose and Crown will be running The Plinth again! This is a platform outside the pub which is open between 12pm - 5pm and anyone can just stroll up and have 10 minutes of fame or public notoriety. They can exhibit work, perform poetry, sing a song, dance to something traditional or contemporary…act, rant, maintain a dignified silence....  anything at all really!

It will be the first place you should stop anyway because this coming Thursday (2nd of August) this year's fantastic Trail Guide will be waiting in the Rose and Crown still warm from the printer for you to pick up and start planning! 

Ye Olde Rose and Crown
53 Hoe Street
E17 4SA

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