Sep 12, 2012

And The Goat was a Success!

Last Saturday the Theatre upstairs in the Rose & Crown was full with a crowd eagerly waiting to see the plays and poems of local and emerging writers being performed by The Goats Theatre Company.

It was a great and varied selection of work all brilliantly performed by a very reliable and adaptable cast. There were laughs and gasps, realism to the absurd, pub banter to bright red noses.

In fact my favourite performance was the most absurd of all. 'There' by Nydia Hetherington is a play where the naivety of life is de-constructed and allowed to be reconstructed by the audience. We see two characters, clowns that entertain, confuse and are borderline melancholic. I really liked it, and want to read and see more from this writer!

The whole show was a success with quality and originality in every sections so be sure to keep an eye out for the Goat Theatre Companies next performance!

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