Sep 13, 2012

From Oil to Acrylic to...Lego

Jane Elliott and Ruth Lukom On Paper and Canvas (no.160)
Ruth Lukom, a very rehearsed portrait artist displays her recent experiments with technological and medium distortion with portraits taken from film and television stills. It is really interesting to see some of the ways light and texture become manipulated and affected.  Also, you can see the artist's other work alongside, more restrained portraits, but very well produced. I particularly liked the individual portraits on tile. Oil paint on that kind of surface created a really flat and precise matt finish.

Jane Elliott's work was a wandering breeze of colour, freedom and expression. There are narratives in the paintings, but these narratives are shrouded in the loose brush strokes and leaking rich colour. I was very impressed by the work and then I found out the artist Jane Elliott had passed away earlier this year. Her planned exhibition evolved into a presentation of work from various times in her life, and it is work that deserves to be celebrated and never forgotten by her family and friends. 

I do recommend visiting, Jane's work is a real visual treat and the gravitas of the exhibition does make it rather moving. Through seeing her work, whether you knew her or you didn't, you will feel she will be dearly missed.

Barclay Road Abstractions 3 (no.156)
Artist Saskia Huning displayed a real variety of work through mediums in her open house exhibition. From her abstract paintings of swipes of colour to her gilded sculptures, there was a lot to appreciate. What really got my attention though was her large scale, hand-painted print on one of the walls in her home. It is very interesting how it actually changes the dynamic of the room, and it is a project she hopes to do on every wall in her home! Unfortunately last weekend was the last time she was open, but when you visit next year there will be another wall painted too.

White by Andrea Humphries (no.158)
There is a really fine and wonderful balance and composition in Andrea's paintings. Using a really gentle and neutral colour balance Andrea has presented a series of paintings that transport abstract narratives through vessels in a very literal way.

Andrea opens her home only one more day, this Saturday (15th), work worth seeing, oh and it is one of the most welcoming houses I have been too!

What will you take with you? Leave Behind? (no.43)
Quite a lot of different work on display by artist Jo, all circulating around a project she started exploring the idea of beauty in society and how this idea changes through cultures and lifestyles. There were video installations and photographs but what caught my eye were the arrange sculptures/installations. It was almost like a domestic Andy Goldsworthy but instead of nature to manipulate, she manipulated household items to create meaning.

We Love Lego (no.99)

During the Art Trail you stumble across people's hobbies and through those hobbies completely new mediums of art and what can be classed as it. Here Richard Selby shares his hobby and passion for Lego in a really fun and interesting way. It was a great exhibition for kids and adults alike and I did end up seeing Lego through new eyes!

I did quite like the structures that Richard made by using the flexibility and architecture of Lego to create these spirals and abstract shapes. It is a shame that the exhibition won't be on again this trail, so enjoy the pictures and maybe go get yourself a set of Lego and have some fun!

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Anonymous said...

How very brave of Ruth Lokum to go ahead with the exhibition of Jane Elliott's and her own work only a week after Jane Elliott died because Jane Elliott had wanted to show her work to the rest of Walthamstow in the Art Trail. The pictures were worth seeing, but it must have taken a lot to be strong enough to show them in the circumstances. I felt honoured to be able to see the pictures