Sep 14, 2012

Rachel's Darkroom

1. Please tell us about the work you will be showing in the 2012 E17 Art Trail?
This year I am showing a collection of pinhole photography, from mainly homemade cameras, under the title Pinhole Parade which follows on from The Victorian Teapot and Other Cameras at The Changing Room Gallery in 2009.  The work includes paper negatives, solarized prints, how these images have been incorporated into new darkroom prints and of course new cameras!  I also have a guest pinholer-Natalie Keymist who is showing her Angels project and camera.

2. Is this your first time in the Trail or are you an E17 Art Trail veteran?
I am a veteran! Rachel’s Darkroom is very proud to be a bronze sponsor again this year.

3. What are the challenges of getting everything ready for your Art Trail event?
Turning my messy workspace into a welcoming exhibition! Where does the time go?? Panic stations on the Friday as usual, my daughter pitched in this year with the grand tidy.

4. Do you remember the first artist that really influenced you? Does that artist’s influence still have an impact on your work?
I started buying photography books in my teens, and was a member of a postal book club- I still have most of the books.  The first expensive book I bought was Transformations by Joyce Tennyson, an American photographer, I saw it in a book shop in Leeds and spent most of my birthday money on it as I was blown away.  The images are beautiful and mysterious, with a nostalgic feel.

5. The E17 Art trail has become bigger every year. Do you think it is because more artists are calling it home?
I love the fact the trail is so inclusive, I feel the open attitude of the trailers has given more people confidence to show work.  My favourite image this trail is in Gifted at The Mill, a young boys painting of a toucan- I tried to buy it but its not for sale.  The energy and pure joy of the image is very uplifting.

6. What has E17 bestowed on you?
E17 has bestowed many good friends.

Pinhole Parade is open 15th and 16th September 12-7pm at Rachel’sDarkroom, Inky Cuttlefish Studios, no 10 on map

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