Sep 14, 2012

Ubuntu Arts

By Kate Rolison
A couple of days ago I popped into Harmony Hall to take a peek at the Ubuntu Arts exhibition. Ubuntu is a collective and facility for people in Walthamstow and the wider local area who suffer from mental ill health. Having had my own brushes with mental illness in the past, I know how vital creativity is in getting people through what can be a dark and downright terrifying time in their lives.  And well, I was curious! Due to their insights into their own personal struggles, people suffering from mental ill health often produce very exciting and engaging art which can resonate with many people, whatever their mental state.

The art on display at Harmony Hall is certainly exciting and engaging, and full of energy. There's a real depth and breadth of styles on show, from portraiture to landscape to kinetic abstract drawings. There's been a real push recently, even on a governmental level, to break down some of the barriers and stigma which mentally ill people struggle with and fight every day. The exhibition Ubuntu Arts have put on is solid proof that despite our difficulties, we can achieve great (and beautiful) things.

Ubabtu Art's exhibition is no.63 in the guide.

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