Sep 7, 2012

Some things I saw on days 4 and 5

Art At Home (no.166)
This was one of those open houses that I did not know anything about, and did not plan to until I spotted it was just round the corner and I am glad I visited. Resident artist (and busy mother) Eliyah Sen Roy is doing a project that started the day of the Art Trail. From the launch she has been doing these wonderful, loose ink and food colouring portraits of people who have sent pictures, visited her exhibit and of friends and family. She plans to have around a 100 portraits up on her wall by the last day of the trail. Before you visit, send in a picture the previous day to and when you visit your portrait will be up too! 
Hornbeam Café (no.164)

There is even more to enjoy at the Hornbeam than delicious coffee and organic goodness at the moment. Upstairs are very informative and expressive photographs of Green Peace protesters around the world,  highlighting some really important and immediate issues that get swept under the rug. Downstairs are some really fantastic amalgamations of abstract colour and Arabic calligraphy by Palestinian Artist Majed Shala. Snippets of calligraphic prose glare through depth in the colour and structure, it is very compelling and I want to see more of his work. As you enjoy a coffee and cake, pick up one of the blank postcards and doodle, write or quote something and add it to the 'Happy in Walthamstow' board. It is a great collage of Walthamstow's little snippets of goodness that its community feels.

a triflecreative collection (no.155)
Every room in this house is open with artwork, prints, bespoke furniture and marvellous rugs, a proper open house. Very welcoming and you can spend a good while looking at all that is on display. The Trifle Creative are a business built on transforming work spaces into inspiring and creative spatial experiences. And that is what they have done to their home during the trail, there are fantastic prints from great local artists such as the original print of the Wood Street Mural by artist Vic Lee, great up-cycled furniture such as transformed cinema seats, and a collection of rugs from Floor Story. There is also a competition by Floor Story to enter too. Just send in your design ideas for a rug and if you are selected you will be able to have your design finalized and produced! Click here for detail and to enter.

This venue is definitely worth checking out, so friendly and a super vibe running through the house. Also, bring the kids with you on Wednesdays because there are workshops in the garden. When I was there  the children were attempting to build the London skyline!

Musical Views (no.20)
Before you visit this exhibition visit the project's micro-site where the audio is there to download and listen to. The audio consists of interviews and subtle musical vibes of local musicians. These interviews, which artist Matt Richards has conducted over the last 6 months or so, have really allowed him to weave those very musical tones and vibes specific to each musician into his illustrations. It is a very interesting project combining sight and sound to give E17's local music voice and identity.

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