Sep 15, 2012

The Garden Studios of 15 Upper Walthamstow Road (no.171)

Last weekend, 15 Upper Walthamstow Road opened up their lovely garden studio with elderflower cordial and some equally refreshing art. ans artist Sharon Drew opened her studio space up for an exhibition of new works. Sharon's paintings are abstract large-scale acrylic canvases that are full of structured light and in my opinion really capture the effect light has on all your senses.

Her paintings are influenced by frequent trips she makes from the contrasting landscapes of East London to West Cornwall - the contrasting tones, dynamics and  colours of both glued together with light. I can particularly relate to these pieces because the contrasting landscape of Cornwall and East London is one I am familiar with and I really think Sharon's work has captured something here. The light in Cornwall really is like nothing that can be seen in East London, it is gentle on the eyes, soft and deep in form, but there is a energetic neon flow from London that creates quick and striking slashes of light into eye.

Sharon's paintings are actually also featuring in a film by film-maker Barry Bliss' whose film 'Art is' will be released this Autumn. Her painting will be one of those of the characters, a struggling artist trying to cope with the pressures of her first solo show.

I really like Sharon's work and I really recommend visiting!

Sharon's studio is adjoined with artist Mark Sowden's studio which is open too. However, last weekend it was guest housing work from graphic designer Amy McSimpson. Her exhibition entitled 'Pictures from a Story yet to be Written' was a really serene and slightly surreal experience. There are snippets of narratives from stories that are still in development, or with endings, or without beginnings but what Amy captures in just one frame is character and tone set side by side creating their own whimsical jumbled narrative.

This weekend Mark Sowden will be exhibiting his experiments between photograph and sculpture in his studio alongside Sharon Drew's exhibition. Go Visit!

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